Omegawave in Practice: Dr. Lorenzo Gonzalez

With over a decade of experience applying the technology, Dr. Lorenzo Gonzalez is one of Omegawave’s longest-running users, incorporating the data in the scope of a wide ranging practice in which he offers services ranging from acupuncture to physical therapy. Our Customer Experience Manager, Tim Rusbasan, recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Gonzalez […]

Coach’s Corner: Mark McLaughlin

“Coach’s Corner” is an interview series conducted by Omegawave’s Customer Experience Manager, Tim Rusbasan. In this installment, Tim catches up with High Performance Coach Mark McLaughlin, founder of the Performance Training Center in Beaverton, OR.  Tim Rusbasan: What training or performance issues did you originally think Omegawave would help you address? Mark McLaughlin: When I first opened my […]

Differences Between Omegawave INDIVIDUAL, COACH, & TEAM

The Omegawave INDIVIDUAL, Omegawave COACH, and Omegawave TEAM systems are interdependent systems that provide different levels of functionality: the three can each be used either as a standalone system, or parallel with another system, or in any combination that includes all three. Below, I have highlighted the main features of each system to give a […]

Seeing The Big Picture

When using Omegawave (or any form of monitoring technology), it can be difficult to place the raw numbers in a context that directly applies to your training and your life. As you collect and save data over time, challenges can arise in terms of remembering specific workouts or the ways individual training sessions have impacted […]