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This platform was created to help coaches in the optimization of their systems of athlete preparation in order to achieve the best results. Omegawave Education provides the latest developments in sports science and sports methodology presented by leading scientists and coaches. Learn from the best!

Val Nasedkin on basic Omegawave principles

  • Athlete-centered approach to training
  • Readiness vs.Preparedness
  • Cost of Adaptation
  • Windows of Trainability

Val Nasedkin on Omegawave's measurement methods

  • CNS hyper- vs hypo-activation vs optimal state
  • Parasympathetic vs Sympathetic dominance
  • Limitations of HRV analysis
  • Energy supply system and different ECG patterns

Val Nasedkin - Optimizing the training process

  • Components of Performance
  • Readiness vs. Preparedness
  • Windows of Trainability

Gareth Hall on Athlete Monitoring: Why and How?

  • Assessing the impact of training on the organism
  • Biological response vs. subjective feedback vs. GPS data

Omegawave round table discussion on recovery and optimal training

Recorded at 2018 Athletik Konferenz in Hennef, Germany. Panelists include Dr. Kornelius Kraus, Henk Kraaijenhof, MD Gerrit Keferstein and Val Nasedkin.

Eoin Lacey on Omegawave (Irish Strength Institute & S&C Coach of Conor McGregor)

  • Principles about HRV and brain metabolism
  • The need to assess recovery
  • Omegawave data interpretation and application with clients and athletes

Omegawave interview: Strength and Conditioning coach Peter Lakatos

Peter shares his experiences from elite level judo and handball regarding the use of objective Omegawave data in preparing these athletes.

Omegawave Interview: Randy Huntington, Head coach of Chinese Athletic association, on Omegawave

Randy has decades of experience in elite sports and is also Omegawave’s first client. In this interview, we go through some of his biggest learnings and insights when it comes to using our data and how he priorities insights to HRV and DC Potential with different athletes.

UFC Performance Institute partners with Omegawave

UFC Performance Institute explains the benefit of using Omegawave and how it helps maximize performance and minimize injuries. 

Neurobiologist Dr. Olga Kara on Neuroenergometry and DC Potential

  • Introduction to Neuroenergometry
  • Origin of DC Potential
  • Features of DC Potential
  • Interpretation and Application

Omegawave -
fatigue science round table

We collaborated with Fatigue Science to bring together a few heavy hitters of human performance to hear their compelling stories on how they use both Omegawave and FatigueScience to optimise the performance of their athletes and/or military operators.

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MD Gerrit Keferstein - Practical Implementation in European Ice Hockey

  • How to communicate physiological data to head coach and team doctor
  • Boost performance above budget
  • Using the ECG to monitor the athlete’s cardiac health
  • Interventions Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic dominance

Dr. Kornelius Kraus - Applications of Athletic Readiness Measurements

  • What information are need for successful decision making?
  • Monitoring the load is NOT enough
  • Effect of manual therapy on the CNS
  • Improving your athlete’s readiness

Val Nasedkin - Predictive Analytics

  • Prediction accuracy of game success
  • Optimization of Overall Performance
  • Best predictors for injury

Dr- Roman Fomin - Regulatory systems in the human body

  • How to create useful adaptations on the macro level
  • Achieving maximal results with minimal cost of adaptation

Dr- Roman Fomin - Basics on Functional State Theory

  • Functional state to guide the training process
  • Factors that excite vs inhibit functional state
  • Creation of an optimal state

Examples of using Omegawave in elite football (soccer)

  • Paolo Solustri
  • Terry Peters
  • Alastair Harris
  • Björn Rekelhof

Val Nasedkin - Creation of Sport-Specific Functional System

  • Defining the useful functional state for your athlete
  • Determining fundamental factors for a successful functional system

Val Nasedkin - Readiness Monitoring in the long-term training planning

  • Sport-specific vs. Biological goal
  • Preparedness vs. Readiness evaluation

Dr. Roman Fomin - Heart Rate Variability Indices & Interpretation

  • Sympathetic vs. Parasympathetic Drive
  • Level of Tension
  • Aperiodic Influences
  • Aspirate Waves

Dr. Roman Fomin - Primer on DC Potential in Omegawave

  • Superslow regulatory processes of the brain
  • Origin of DC Potential
  • Different shapes of DC Potential
  • Optimal state vs. Hyper-activation vs. Hypo-activation of the CNS