Our mission

Omegawave specializes in the development of training and performance management solutions, providing athletes, teams and coaches a faster way to maximize results while avoiding injuries and overtraining.

With our products, athletes can quickly, non-stressfully and non-invasively assess how their body is responding to previous exertion while gaining insights to optimize their next training session. Routine Omegawave assessments can be fluidly integrated into any training process to provide coaches with real-time data and crucial physiological information about their athletes.

Join the team

The Omegawave business is expanding and we need new experts to reinforce our team for our new projects. Right now we are specifically looking for an iOS developer and a Junior Sales Representative.

Join the team

We are constantly looking for team players with different skills and backgrounds. What we all share is the passion for sports and health. Join our visionary team of professionals and help us shape the future of sport.