Coach’s Corner: Landon Evans

“Coach’s Corner” is an interview series conducted by Omegawave’s Customer Experience Manager, Tim Rusbasan. In this installment, Tim catches up with Landon Evans, the Director of Sports Science at the University of Iowa.

Tim Rusbasan: What training or performance issues did you originally think Omegawave would help you address?

Landon Evans: I’m not sure if I can accurately state how I was feeling ten-plus years ago when I was first introduced to [the system]. When I was around it more, at first there was more observation and reading than anything. It was a fantastic rabbit hole to go down and to this day I continue to be vocal about being grateful for what I learned from Val [Nasedkin] and Omegawave. Unfortunately, the ideology isn’t as popular I think because some people need their clear linear relationships.

TR: Did anything surprise you about the data when you first started using Omegawave, and if you could go back to this time and give yourself any advice about how to best apply the technology, what would that advice be?

LE: Just observing the reality of Readiness.

I’m actually rather comfortable with my learning process with the system. I love technology, but I’ve always been patient and cognizant of my own ignorance, so I don’t want to dismiss a technology immediately if it doesn’t fit my paradigm. Sport training paradigms are still infant and fragile. They are meant to be deconstructed and optimized over and over again.

TR: What has been the biggest advantage of utilizing Omegawave within your “system”?

LE: My personal advantage would be to help better understand my training intentions, and deliver better Plan B options. I’m not insinuating this would be an advantage for everyone else, as there are some marvelous eyes out there are doing great things with very little. I just like the help when I can get it!