Interview With Andrey Kozlov: On Training WBA Champion Denis Lebedev

We had a quick talk with Andrey Kozlov, a physical and functional training and physical rehabilitation coach, who uses Omegawave in training top athletes like WBA Champions Denis Lebedev and Alexander Povetkin. On December 17th, 2012 Denis Lebedev beat Santander Silgado with a knockout to defend his Cruiserweight title. Here’s what Andrey had to say … Read more

Athlete Preparedness In The NFL

A Guest Post by Jeff Fish.  In the National Football League there are many moving parts to organize a team into being at its best for competition. There are brilliant position coaches and coordinators who push the boundaries of preparing schemes to outmatch their opponents, and every year there seems to be the next new … Read more

Champion Triathlete Magnus Lönnqvist On Individualization Of Training

We are joined by a Finnish triathlon legend, Magnus Lönnqvist, for a quick interview. He shares his personal experiences about individualization of training and how to incorporate Omegawave in it. Omegawave: What does individualization of training mean for triathletes? Magnus: Back in the old days your training was built on a maxi-perspective where you had … Read more

Omegawave: A Step Towards The Holy Grail In Sports Training

When I started to work with the Omegawave technology, I understood that this is the tool, the holy grail, that we as coaches have been waiting for. One of the pillars of success in sports is the optimisation of the training of our athletes or players. Optimisation simply means: the adjustment of the daily training load (the … Read more