Omegawave: A Step Towards The Holy Grail In Sports Training

When I started to work with the Omegawave technology, I understood that this is the tool, the holy grail, that we as coaches have been waiting for. One of the pillars of success in sports is the optimisation of the training of our athletes or players. Optimisation simply means: the adjustment of the daily training load (the choice of exercises, the volume, the intensity and the order) to the actual status of the athlete. Every workout again and again, not too hard, nor too easy.

The real secret of training is not in the exercises nor in the program, but in the match between the program and the actual capabilities of the athlete, not in the training load per se, but the training load applied to whom and when!

Training is based on experience and empirics, not on science, since every athlete is unique, and responds differently to the same training load. So we make a mistake every workout, we underload or overload the athlete every time. Now imagine that this error is 20%, what can happen if we reduce this error to 10% or 5%! After one month we will see a different athlete there.

What is also important is that for the first time, the often used concept  “supercompensation”  becomes visible. This concept was often used by coaches to describe the response to training, but it never passed the level of a hypothetical idea, since coaches could never measure of visualize it.

The Omegawave assists us in assessing the actual status of the athlete and designing a more optimal training program. It provides us insight in the response of the athlete to the preceding workout(-s), which physiological systems we are able to tax again and which ones we should stay away from for that workout, giving them a chance to recover.

One can imagine the impact of this way of optimisation, not only on the performance level directly, but also indirectly through the prevention of overtraining and injuries. How could we ever talk again about “optimal training” without taking Omegawave into account?