Move. Eat. Recharge. Reflect—Interview with Thomas Korompai

[One of Germany’s most well-known personal trainers, Thomas Korompai designed the R1 training system, a holistic approach to training applied at the R1 Sportsclub.] Omegawave: How is Omegawave integrated into the training program at R1 Sportsclub? Thomas Korompai: Omegawave—together with the concept of fluid periodization—is introduced to all trainers in our academy. We have two […]

Omegawave Inside – Interview with Dominik Suslik, Hannover 96 Youth Academy

[Dominik Suslik is an Athletics Trainer specializing in rehabilitation, diagnostics, and therapy with Germany’s Hanover 96 Youth Academy.] Omegawave: What role do training and recovery management play in the youth academy of Hannover 96? Dominik Suslik [Translated from German by Omegawave]: Training and recovery management play an integral role at the youth academy of Hannover […]