UFC Performance Institute makes Omegawave the cornerstone of their monitoring strategy

Las Vegas – The UFC Performance Institute, the world’s first mixed martial arts multi-disciplinary research, innovation and performance center, announced a new partnership with Omegawave to help produce maximum performance and minimize the risk of injuries due to overtraining. “We’re thrilled to enter into this revolutionary partnership with Omegawave,” UFC Performance Institute Vice President of Operations … Read more

Move. Eat. Recharge. Reflect—Interview with Thomas Korompai

[One of Germany’s most well-known personal trainers, Thomas Korompai designed the R1 training system, a holistic approach to training applied at the R1 Sportsclub.] Omegawave: How is Omegawave integrated into the training program at R1 Sportsclub? Thomas Korompai: Omegawave—together with the concept of fluid periodization—is introduced to all trainers in our academy. We have two … Read more

Omegawave Inside — Interview with Björn Wienhold & Oliver Isdepski, B2B Performance

We spoke to Björn Wienhold (owner, right) and athletic trainer Oliver Isdepski (left) from B2B Performance in Dortmund, Germany about their training philosophy and how they integrate Omegawave in their day-to-day work with the athletes training at their high performance gym. (Seen in the photo with German discus thrower Martin Wierig, PB 68,33m). Omegawave: How … Read more

Omegawave Inside – Interview with Dominik Suslik, Hannover 96 Youth Academy

[Dominik Suslik is an Athletics Trainer specializing in rehabilitation, diagnostics, and therapy with Germany’s Hanover 96 Youth Academy.] Omegawave: What role do training and recovery management play in the youth academy of Hannover 96? Dominik Suslik [Translated from German by Omegawave]: Training and recovery management play an integral role at the youth academy of Hannover … Read more

Omegawave Inside—Interview with Janosch Emonts, Athletic Trainer, FC St. Pauli

Omegawave: What is your approach to training and recovery management? Janosch Emonts [Translated from German by Omegawave]: I believe that recovery is key in the training process, especially with regards to injury prevention. Before every training, we want to know how ready our players are so that we can optimally treat each of them. Post-training, … Read more