Omegawave Brings New Motivation For Training

Omegawave Brings New Motivation For Training

“Omegawave has brought an analytical approach to track my body and health,” says triathlete Tommi Holmgren.

As an aspiring entrepreneur and family man from Espoo, Tommy Holmgren (33) is a beta tester of Omegawave’s device. He has made measurements for three months as a part of his daily workout routine. After only a short testing period he has noticed the positive effects of the measurements.

“As an entrepreneur, the time left for working out is limited and I must be able to make the most of it,” says Holmgren. “With Omegawave I am able to optimize my workout. The machine tells me if everything is ok and if I can work out as planned or if I need to make changes to the training program.”

Measuring prevents overtraining

As a young man Holmgren competed in mountain bike racing, but was not aware of his body resources and excessive training led to overtraining. Today, he is more cautious.

“I do not want to be in that state again,” he says. “Omegawave is the best aid to keep me on the right track when working out.”

“Measurements have shown that my body recovers surprisingly well, and I can do tough workouts without several days of recovering. Without the results from Omegawave, I would not for example have dared to do hard interval workouts two days in a row,” Holmgren says.

Omegawave has helped the triathlete recognize when his body is in defense mode and it is necessary to rest.

“A couple of days before any physical symptoms occurred the measurement results showed that something is wrong,” Holmgren recalls. “The flu hit me, but since I had understood to rest immediately, it didn’t hit as hard as if I wouldn’t have anticipated it. Omegawave saves you from guessing.”

A moment to calm down in the morning

Holmgren is often on the go and as a family man he does not have many minutes to spare, especially not in the morning when the Omegawave measurement should be made.

“The challenge of the game is to find a workable routine. This device should be used every day to get the most out of it,” the triathlete says.

Holmgren has compared the measurement results at different times in the morning and noticed that the most important thing is to calm down for a few minutes before measuring.

“After breakfast I must go to the couch to relax. Otherwise, the result is not reliable,” he says.

“Fortunately, I have found a good routine and now the measurement device travels with me everywhere, next to its buddy the heart rate monitor,” Holmgren says, laughing.