Maverick Training Camp found Omegawave really insightful

Maverick Training Camp was held in Andorra in the end of 2021. Pieter Bulsink, strength & conditioning coach for professional drivers, contacted Omegawave before the camp in order to provide all the participants with our hardware and software.


– Pieter, why Omegawave?

– We got a lot of questions about the use of Omegawave. Let me explain a bit more about why we have chosen Omegawave after a lot of research.

You might think a workout is most effective when you’re dripping with sweat while you’re out of breath lying on the ground after a workout. Although it can feel nice it isn’t a qualification for a good/effective training session. The result is that you just got tired, that’s all.

The difference between a workout and training is that training is the continues practice to effectively progress in skills and strength/conditioning. Where a workout is just more randomness, doing what you like to do based on your mood of the day.

Than there is a next level of effectiveness, and this is where Omegawave comes in. First you analyze the status of your body based on HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and CNS (Central Nervous System).

The outcome of this analysis shows where you are most adaptable to in training. For example if your HRV shows that you’re fully ready to go, but your CNS is low it’s not smart to focus on speed & power in training.

So although you feel physically strong, you body will not adapt effectively to the stimulus. (Omegawave will suggest a different training focus in this case)

For us trainers at Maverick Training this is perfect to make our training programs most effectively. To sum it up, more progress in less time with as little waste of energy as possible.

– Thank you Pieter!

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