Riccardo Scalet discovers the importance of recovery with Omegawave

Riccardo Scalet, an orienteering and trail running athlete for Salomon Team and PWT Elite Team, has been Omegawave Ambassador for one year by now. With Omegawave Riccardo has discovered the importance of recovery:

“Here’s my first anniversary using Omegawave, what a journey.

Sure my orienteering career is far from done, with still two national championships races waiting as well as World Cup races in Switzerland and China.

However, I wanted to share some concepts and training/recovery ideas I’ve been implementing this year thanks to the constant self-assessment processes conducted with the support of Omegawave.

I believe the biggest change that Omegawave implemented in my training is the ability to not only rely on self-guessed feelings but to have a scientific and practical consideration of my current status. Having such schematic and detailed assessments helped me in some ways to avoid overtraining (which happened in the past), to acknowledge a full overview of my HR, stress, adaptation reserves, training load reaction, and variation, that I later used to peak at the right time.

I used to conduct my Omegawave measuring before my training sessions, and as the biggest competition was approaching, I changed this to a post-training assessment regime, so to better understand how each session or training was reacting to my body. I could practically realize and state how my heart rate was slowing after each hard session (from an average of 36-35 to 33-32) and my Omegawave training feedback was most of the time an all-green “Go for”.

Omegawave has been one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever implemented into my career, since I don’t need to self-guess how I am feeling anymore, but I can rely on scientific, effective and right data. While in the past I tended to minimize body reaction and feelings, nowadays thanks to Omegawave I’ve discovered the importance of recovery, effective training-load regulation and finding the right balance between speed, endurance, strength and coordination/skills sessions.

Thank you therefore for this great first year with Omegawave, and I am hopefully looking forward to another year together!”

You can find Riccardo on Instagram as @riccardo.scalet.

Riccardo’s summer season is done; autumn season looks promising!