Ironman Relies On Omegawave

Ironman Relies On Omegawave

Triathlete and ironman Erwin Orthaber (39) started using Omegawave in January 2013. He spends the first months of the year building up his basic fitness level and preparing for the summer and fall competitions. During this time Omegawave acts as a coach supporting his workout programs.

“I’m looking forward to using Omegawave at the training camps where the amount of workouts will be significantly higher,” Orthaber says. “Because of the shorter recovery time in between the workouts, it is essential to know whether I have recovered enough or should take it easier during the next workout. For this purpose Omegawave is going to be an important aid.

His main event of the season is Ironman Arizona in November 2013 with the goal to qualify for IM World championships 2014.

A battle against time

The Austrian athlete, who currently lives in Finland, faces the same challenges as any amateur. He has a regular daytime job and therefore the time left for training is limited. Consequently, the time spent on working out has to be efficient. The workout program also needs to be adapted to the demands of his job so that there is adequate recovering.

“Omegawave is a brilliant device for my coach and me to tell us where we are standing and if I have recovered from the previous workouts,” says Orthaber. “So far we have been able to go on as planned without making any changes to the workout program”

“I recover surprisingly well even after a long run. I find that my body is used to hard workouts so I decided to participate in a half-marathon in January even though it was mid-season of training. The Omegawave measurements supported my decision to participate and I also won with a modest time 1h 27min.”

Omegawave makes everyday life easier for the athlete

For Orthaber it is very important that taking the measurements does not take up too much of his valuable time.

“One of the best features with Omegawave is the ease and reliability of the measurements. I take the measurements in the morning, immediately after I wake up, and it only takes a couple of minutes. After that I can go to work in good spirits, or at least so far I have been able to,” says the athlete laughing.

Orthaber plans to continue the Omegawave measurements all through the year in order to get the most out of the season.

Orthaber’s best achievements:

2011 Winning Vienna Half distance championship

2012 Rank 14 in Age group M35 (overall rank 53) Ironman Texas