Mapping & Accelerating Recovery with Omegawave: HRV (Part 1)

The Omegawave is an excellent way to monitor training—as a matter of fact, it is one of the few methods that really makes sense, since it takes multiple physiological systems into account. Omegawave can also be used to test recovery measures. There is, first of all, the natural recovery that comes purely as a function … weiterlesenMapping & Accelerating Recovery with Omegawave: HRV (Part 1)

Regulation & Adaptation

Let me try to explain some of the more basic concepts about biological regulation as it relates to adaptation and the use of Omegawave. The body is a dynamic system, consisting of many subsystems at different levels. This includes various organs and physiological systems, such as the cardiorespiratory system, neuromuscular system, endocrine system (glands) and … weiterlesenRegulation & Adaptation

Metabolic Systems: Understanding the Essentials

Metabolic systems are necessary for the supply of energy to all organs. In sport and exercise, we are mainly interested in the metabolic systems of the skeletal muscle. There are two important systems: aerobic and anaerobic. If there is a continuous and sufficient supply of oxygen, the aerobic is our main energy provider. This is the system … weiterlesenMetabolic Systems: Understanding the Essentials

Omegawave: A Step Towards The Holy Grail In Sports Training

When I started to work with the Omegawave technology, I understood that this is the tool, the holy grail, that we as coaches have been waiting for. One of the pillars of success in sports is the optimisation of the training of our athletes or players. Optimisation simply means: the adjustment of the daily training load (the … weiterlesenOmegawave: A Step Towards The Holy Grail In Sports Training