Differences Between Omegawave INDIVIDUAL, COACH, & TEAM

Differences Between Omegawave INDIVIDUAL, COACH, & TEAM

The Omegawave INDIVIDUAL, Omegawave COACH, and Omegawave TEAM systems are interdependent systems that provide different levels of functionality: the three can each be used either as a standalone system, or parallel with another system, or in any combination that includes all three.

Below, I have highlighted the main features of each system to give a better sense of what might be the best solution to meet your specific needs.


  • Can be used as a personal unit for individuals.
  • Windows of Trainability software included.
  • Integrates into the COACH or TEAM software as a data collection device.



  • Runs solely on the iPad.
  • Includes “COACH” overview of the all athletes attached to their system and can be used to manage individual athlete licenses.
  • Team overview homepage to quickly see Readiness of all athletes at once.
  • Can test athletes locally off the COACH software.
  • Windows of Trainability software included.
  • Links to INDIVIDUAL and/or TEAM systems.



  • Software runs on Windows-based Platform with included tablet.
  • Local testing (does not require connection to internet to calculate assessment, US only)
  • Option to perform 2nd half of CNS test to analyze Adrenal System, Detoxification System and Gas Exchange Systems.
  • Includes more detailed raw data for each functional system measured.
  • Built-in athlete graphing and segmentation analysis.
  • Data exports directly to Microsoft Excel.
  • Links to INDIVIDUAL and/or COACH systems.