Omegawave Top Performance Seminar at FIBO 2014

Omegawave Top Performance Seminar at FIBO 2014

Early this April, Omegawave embarked on a return trip to FIBO, joining nearly 700 other exhibitors at Europe’s largest annual fitness and bodybuilding show. Over 100,000 visitors packed FIBO’s convention floor in Cologne, and Omegawave took advantage of the opportunity to showcase our training management solution for an international crowd of coaches, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. With our complete product line available for testing, we provided countless readiness assessments and demonstrated our wireless technology for a global “who’s who” of industry professionals.

In concert with FIBO’s professional programming, Omegawave hosted a high-performance seminar titled: “Management of performance and injury prevention in elite sports: An innovative approach to athlete preparation based on comprehensive predictive analytics.” This invitation-only event attracted a keen gathering of attendees, including top European football coaches, Olympic trainers, and professionals in performance research.

The three-hour seminar focused on a revolutionary application of the comprehensive predictive analytics method for analyzing sports-specific data. Omegawave’s technology allows teams to collect a large amount of information about the athletes and their training environment: this data is then analyzed with a combination of predictive analytics and our company’s unique know-how. Presenting a case study, Omegawave’s Senior Research Scientist Roman Fomin was joined by our Performance and Sport Methodology Specialist Val Nasedkin, with the two explaining which data points and indicators are the best predictors of injury and performance among athletes.

The foundation of their talk was a season-long study Omegawave conducted in conjunction with an NFL franchise, during which we collected vast amounts of data about training loads, team performance, and individual player physiology. As part of that study, we processed and analyzed the data to pinpoint the primary factors that contribute to injury and overall game performance.

In the final analysis, the case study concluded that Omegawave’s cardiac, CNS, and metabolic readiness indicators were consistently among the strongest predictors of game success, overall team performance, and injury rates. Omegawave’s revolutionary application of comprehensive predictive analysis can also be used to minimize player injury rates and predict wins with 93% accuracy. The process introduced by our researchers allows effective management of an athlete’s training program to achieve peak performance at the right time.

During the final section of the seminar, Nasedkin and Fomin fielded multiple questions from the audience and offered concrete advice on optimizing the training process. The attendees in Cologne showed a particular interest in practical applications of the neural networks method, learning how the Omegawave Team solution can be used effectively to prevent injury and improve athlete performance.

Over the years, Omegawave seminars have proven to be a popular medium for connecting with our clients and partners. This educational format provides attendees a platform to discuss the latest developments in sports science while receiving training guidance from our performance specialists.