Omegawave Inside – Interview with Dominik Suslik, Hannover 96 Youth Academy

[Dominik Suslik is an Athletics Trainer specializing in rehabilitation, diagnostics, and therapy with Germany’s Hanover 96 Youth Academy.] Omegawave: What role do training and recovery management play in the youth academy of Hannover 96? Dominik Suslik [Translated from German by Omegawave]: Training and recovery management play an integral role at the youth academy of Hannover […]

Growth & Trust: Olympic Heptathlete Jessica Zelinka

“My favorite part about it was that even though I had strengths and advantages in certain events, I still loved the challenge of trying to improve in all the others, and also that you always get three chances in long jump or three shots, so you can always try to do better on your next […]

Coach’s Corner: Mark McLaughlin

“Coach’s Corner” is an interview series conducted by Omegawave’s Customer Experience Manager, Tim Rusbasan. In this installment, Tim catches up with High Performance Coach Mark McLaughlin, founder of the Performance Training Center in Beaverton, OR.  Tim Rusbasan: What training or performance issues did you originally think Omegawave would help you address? Mark McLaughlin: When I first opened my […]

Do No Harm: Peter Lakatos on Training Judokas

Based in Hungary, Peter Lakatos is a strength and conditioning coach whose personal athletic background extends from professional handball to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. As a coach, Lakatos also works mainly with handball players and Judo Olympians, including two top ten competitors from the country, Szabolcs Krizsan and Hedvig Karakas. Omegawave: Why did you first decide to […]

Ask Omegawave: The ‘Variability’ of HRV

“Ask Omegawave” is an educational series during which we will be engaging in informal Q&A sessions with members of Omegawave’s science team, including Co-founder Val Nasedkin and our Senior Research Scientist Roman Fomin. As a numerical measure, Heart Rate (HR) is easy to define and compare—the calculation is derived from just two standardized components: frequency […]

On the Ball: Training Energy Supply Systems with SBV Vitesse

Competing in Holland’s Eredivisie—a league that has produced some of the world’s most creative players and includes perennial powerhouses Ajax and PSV Eindhoven—SBV Vitesse has prioritized match fitness and constant innovation in clamping down its current spot in the middle of the standings. Now in his fifth year with the club, football conditioning & performance […]

ALLOUT Performance: Making Better Decisions

Based in Germany, ALLOUT Performance’s team of coaches, scientists and medical personal specialize in organizing the training process for a broad range of clubs and sports federations. Going beyond a standard consulting role, ALLOUT places a full-time performance coach with each of their member teams, a roster that currently includes the German Olympic Committee, the […]

Push—Crash: Breaking the Cycle in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Marginal gains—for many top athletes using Omegawave, their training goals involve honing in on those razor-thin gaps that separate greatness from getting by. Every training day is maximized in order to shave a fraction of a second off a sprint time or strike a devastating ball in the 90th minute or fight on until the […]

Make it Cool: Fred Eaves on Technology & Training the Multi-Sport Athlete

No doubt about it—Battleground Academy is a unique place. Not only can the Tennessee-based institution trace its roots to the late nineteenth century, not only does the K-12 school employ an award-winning, full-time strength and conditioning coach (NSCA 2015 High School Strength Coach of the Year Fred Eaves), but in this age of club teams, […]

Differences Between Omegawave INDIVIDUAL, COACH, & TEAM

The Omegawave INDIVIDUAL, Omegawave COACH, and Omegawave TEAM systems are interdependent systems that provide different levels of functionality: the three can each be used either as a standalone system, or parallel with another system, or in any combination that includes all three. Below, I have highlighted the main features of each system to give a […]