Omegawave Coach+ Data Export

Export the data of selected players or all of them. Integrate chosen data points into other systems to get the full picture of whether you athletes are recovered and ready to perform.   Index decription The following chart is meant to help finding the correct index names in the dowloaded .csv file. We will improve […]

Pre-empting severe cardiac issues with Omegawave – A case study

We recently sat down with a client of ours from Oslo, Norway to discuss his quite remarkable experience with Omegawave. This individual currently works in the Norwegian Police force, where he holds an executive position. When it comes to his athletic career, he has been very active from young age. His primary competitive sports were […]

Move. Eat. Recharge. Reflect—Interview with Thomas Korompai

[One of Germany’s most well-known personal trainers, Thomas Korompai designed the R1 training system, a holistic approach to training applied at the R1 Sportsclub.] Omegawave: How is Omegawave integrated into the training program at R1 Sportsclub? Thomas Korompai: Omegawave—together with the concept of fluid periodization—is introduced to all trainers in our academy. We have two […]

Turning Pro: An Interview with Elmar Engholm

Completing a collegiate career at the University of New Mexico, Swedish middle distance runner Elmar Engholm returned home to Scandinavia this summer and resumed training 3-4 hours a day in order to begin running as a professional. Specializing in the 800 meters, 1500 meters, and steeplechase—events Engholm has raced for his home country at the […]

Taking A Fluid Approach: Gareth Hall of Sport981

[Gareth Hall is the Co- Founder and Head of Athletic Development and Performance at Sport981, a UK-based organization dedicated to developing progressive training strategies and supporting high-performance.] Omegawave: Can you describe a recent example of an athlete or team that has sought your help in addressing specific performance issues? Gareth Hall: With winning margins becoming […]

Ask Omegawave: “Applying Coach+”

“Ask Omegawave” is an educational series during which we will be engaging in informal Q&A sessions with members of Omegawave’s science team, including Co-founder Val Nasedkin and our Director of Research and Science Innovations, Roman Fomin. Question: For practitioners already using Omegawave Coach to support their training programs, what are the greatest benefits of the […]

Omegawave in Practice: Dr. Lorenzo Gonzalez

With over a decade of experience applying the technology, Dr. Lorenzo Gonzalez is one of Omegawave’s longest-running users, incorporating the data in the scope of a wide ranging practice in which he offers services ranging from acupuncture to physical therapy. Our Customer Experience Manager, Tim Rusbasan, recently had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Gonzalez […]

Formula Training With Tatiana Calderón

Since entering her first karting competition at the age of nine, Tatiana Calderón has been racing. Now twenty-four, the Columbia-born driver trains an average of twenty hours a week as she prepares for her 2017 season as a development driver for the Switzerland-based Sauber F1 Team. Recently, Omegawave had an opportunity to speak with Calderón […]

“Ask Omegawave”: The Windows of Trainability—Applications (Part II)

“Ask Omegawave” is an educational series during which we will be engaging in informal Q&A sessions with members of Omegawave’s science team, including Co-founder Val Nasedkin and our Senior Research Scientist Roman Fomin. Read Part I, Windows of Trainability—Foundations here. Question: If you are following a training plan and your Windows are in the red […]