Omegawave Coach+ Data Export

Export the data of selected players or all of them. Integrate chosen data points into other systems to get the full picture of whether you athletes are recovered and ready to perform.


Index decription

The following chart is meant to help finding the correct index names in the dowloaded .csv file. We will improve the user friendliness of all index labels in the next update.

Index name in exported .csv file Index name in app (ENG) Index-Name in App (GER)
Overall Readiness Overall Readiness Allgemeine Bereitschaft
index-OverallReadiness Overall Readiness Allgemeine Bereitschaft
index-GenesisHr Resting Heart Rate Ruheherzfrequenz
index-index-GenesisAnaerobicDevelopment Z6 – Anaerobic development Anaerobe Entwicklung
index-GenesisAnaerobicMaintenance Z5 – Anaerobic maintenance Anaerobe Aufrechterhaltung
index-GenesisAerobicDevelopment Z4 – Aerobic development Aerobe Entwicklung
index-GenesisAerobicMaintenance Z3 – Aerobic maintenance Aerobe Aufrechterhaltung
index-GenesisRecoveryStimulation Z2 – Recovery stimulation Erholungsstimulation
index-GenesisRecuperation Z1 – Recuperation Rekuperation
Central Nervous System Central Nervous System Zentrales Nervensystem
index-GenesisCNSReadiness System Readiness Bereitschaft (Gesamt)
index-CNSLevelOfActivation DC Potential DC-Potential
Cardiac System Cardiac System Kardiales System
index-CardiacReadiness System Readiness Bereitschaft (Gesamt)
index-GenesisRecoveryPattern Recovery Pattern Erholungsmuster
index-GenesisAdaptationReservesGrade Adaptation reserves Adaptationsreserven
index-GenesisHr Resting Heart Rate Ruhefrequenz
index-GenesisCardiacStress Stress Stress
Cardiac System – HRV1 Cardiac System – HRV1 Kardiales System – HRV1
index-GenesisCRI Parasympathetic activity (s) Parasympathische Aktivität (s)
index-GenesisAMO Sympathetic activity (%) Sympathische Aktivität (%)
index-GenesisTi Level of tension (r.u.) Niveau der Anspannung (r.u.)
index-GenesisAB Aperiodic influences (s) Aperiodische Einflüsse (s)
index-GenesisddSigmaBWave Aspirate waves (r.u.) Aspirationswellen (r.u.)
index-GenesisSDNN SDNN (ms) SDNN (ms)
index-GenesisSDSD SDSD (ms) SDSD (ms)
index-GenesisRMSSD RMSSD (ms) RMSSD (ms)
index-GenesisTotalPower Total power (ms²) Total power (ms²)
index-GenesisLFdifHF LF/HF LF/HF
index-GenesisHF HF (ms²) HF (ms²)
index-GenesisHFNorm HF n.u. (n.u.) HF normiert (n.u.)
index-GenesisLF LF (ms²) LF (ms²)
index-GenesisLFNorm LF n.u. (n.u.) LF normiert (n.u.)
Energy Supply System Energy Supply System Energiebereitstellungssystem
index-GenesisMRIGrade System Readiness Bereitschaft (Gesamt)
index-GenesisMRI MRI Metabolischer Index
index-GenesisASI Aerobic Readiness Aerobe Bereitschaft
index-GenesisANSI Anaerobic Readiness Anaerobe Bereitschaft


Here the download link to the chart in PDF format: